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What ever you are looking for get all of your information here to get started selling this wonderful profit making product.

Are you interested in getting started in the profitable business of selling shaved ice snoballs and snow cones?

Are you wanting information on the shaved ice and snow cone business?

Are you trying to find the names of shaved ice suppliers and shaved ice dealers who sell shaved ice and snow cone equipment, machines, and supplies?

Do you have questions about the shaved ice and snow cone business and can't find the answers?

Are you wanting to meet other people who operate shaved ice and snow cone businesses and exchange ideas, recipes, chat on-line, and make new friends?

Wish that you could find one place to get all of your shaved ice and snowcone questions answered?

Then you have come to the right place.  I hope to make this your favorite place for all of your shaved ice snowballs and snowcone information needs.

I started this site ten years ago in 1997 to make sure that the information shared compiled here could be easily found and updated.

On this site you will find a directory of links to shaved ice vendors and suppliers of shaved ice equipment, shaved ice machines, and supplies, a book about the shaved ice business which includes recipes for flavors and secrets that can help you become more successful, and e-groups chat rooms which can help answer your questions and friendly people who want to share information to help you succeed.

When I first started my shaved ice snow cone business there was no place to get  information like this.  I spent many hours trying to find the answers to my questions.  It seemed to me that Shaved Ice was some type of national security secret and that only a select few people had access to the secrets.  The people who owned shaved ice businesses would not share information with me.  But now with the Internet It's different and with your help I hope we can build this site together to become your one stop place for all your shaved ice questions and needs.

I originally set this shaved ice snow cone directory site up to help people who wanted information about getting into the shaved ice snow cone business to be able to find it in one place. I also needed a place to promote my e-book "How To Run A Successful Shaved Ice Business"  but I don't want you to feel as though you are in the least bit obligated to buy anything.  This site is completely free and will always stay that way (unlike some of the newer sites that have popped up recently wanting you to buy something to gain access to their web site). I use the proceeds of my book to pay for and maintain this site.  

Many of the topics in my book are openly discussed in detail in the chat forums located here, in my emails answers to you, and here on the web site by other members and myself. I will personally answer all of your questions when you email me even if you don't purchase my book.

The reason I wrote a book was to share my knowledge and experiences as a reference so that others who are starting out could have a book with all of the information in one quick reference that they could use to help them to succeed and not make some of the same costly mistakes and pitfalls I have made.  Even experienced operators may find this book interesting and helpful. The information in this book applies to both mobile or permenant shaved ice operations.

I know there are other books and even eBooks out there now. Some even explain the same things I have in my book. Many were written after they purchased mine (It's just the nature of this business), but I think you will find that my book covers the details that really aren't explained very well in other shaved ice materials and books that you can obtain elsewhere. I have tried to cover everything in one concise book. It is professionally layed out and was until recently printed on offset printing presses but is now sent to you as an electronic e-book. My book is registered and has it's own ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

It is full of ideas, tips, recipes, photos, and information that all shaved ice operators need to know when starting out before they make big money mistakes.

Make sure while you're here to visit and join the increasing popular Shaved Ice Q & A forum below and feel free to ask all of your questions there.  There are over 15,000 threads of information there archived so you can read them. Many experienced shaved ice vendors read the forums and emails daily and share their experiences with other members.  So if you have a question please ask us for our help or search the forum for answers.

Also if you currently own or started a new shaved ice business send me a  photo and your address and contact information and I will add it to the free photos pages on the site.  Who knows it might even get you some new business.

We welcome new ideas and recipes to be shared by our members. If you have an idea that you think is noteworthy and are willing to share it with the group please email it to me and it will be placed in the Whats New or Shaved Ice Events and News. If you see newspaper articles or if your local newspaper does a story on your business please share that with the group. We would love to put the article up on our web site.

There is  also have a section for Buying & Selling. List your business, trailers, buildings, equipment, and any supplies you have for sale.  Send me the information and I will post it for you free.

A new feature will be added soon where I hope to start doing PRODUCT REVIEWS.  Several suppliers have been contacted and if they send me sample products I will do reviews on them and post my results on the web site.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit here and please come back to visit, chat, or share your ideas and stories often.


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If you are considering getting into the shaved ice snocone concession business then now is the time. January through April is the perfect time to plan for your new business and get it ready for the busy summer season and my e-book and this web site will help anyone who is considering this exciting business. Hurry now and order your book today.

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